My love for photography started when I was not young, yet not old! with more victories than defeats! but in the quiet moments, I found myself contemplating the passing moments of my life more and more realizing that memories alone were not enough to preserve the road I had traveled with my family, friends and hobbies.

Photography has become my medium for capturing the fleeting moments that our divine creator has graciously given us, allowing me to preserve them forever. I hold these precious moments in my hand, encapsulating the essence of the people and things that hold a special place in my heart. Initially, my animal companions on the farm became my first subjects, as my human family understandably didn't appreciate being constantly followed by my camera. Thus, my lens turned towards the captivating beauty of nature and wildlife. Through the art of photography, I can halt time, immortalizing the breathtaking beauty that surrounds both myself and others. Each click of the camera captures a moment that will forever remain.

"Time Held Captive in An Instant."